About GeoCorp


Since 1989 GeoCorp, Inc. has built a reputation of doing whatever is needed to take care of the customer.

Due to a rapidly expanding client base in the first few years of business the decision was made to start manufacturing thermocouples. This gave the company more control of product availability, instant purchase order acknowledgement and providing the best material for the client's application. Just 10 years after being founded, a decision was made that forever changed GeoCorp, Inc. An order was placed for the first thermocouple wire braider. Currently GeoCorp, Inc. has over 95 braiders that overbraid fiberglass, vitreous silica, and ceramic fiber insulations. In 2001 to provide our clients with the latest ISO traceability GeoCorp, Inc. was the first and only thermocouple and thermocouple wire manufacturer to have a laboratory with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by NVLAP, Lab Code: 200496-0, a United States government entity administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.