GeoCorp, the world leader in thermocouple technology, manufactures all thermocouples for any application, from the common 8-gauge type-K element to an exotic type-C tungsten coated thermocouple.

All of our thermocouples are backed by our strict quality requirements and a team of manufacturing experts with decades of experience. Material is pre-tested in our state of the art quality control laboratory, which is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by NVLAP, lab code 200496-0, a United States Government entity administered by N.I.S.T. Whether you need to replace an existing thermocouple or have a new custom application, a GeoCorp temperature control specialist will help you find the best solution. GeoCorp's customers have come to expect only the finest quality, most competitive pricing and the fastest delivery. Call, fax or email us so you too can see why GeoCorp is leading the way.

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