3 Issues to Consider When Troubleshooting Thermocouple Failure

Sometimes the smallest issues can lead to big problems. When your business relies on crucial temperature readings from your thermocouples, it can pay to identify individual factors that may have caused part failure. Here are some examples of failures and how to troubleshoot issues. 

System Wiring 

Issues with system wiring is one area that can cause thermocouple failure, with issues ranging from minor damages to faulty parts or installation. These failures can lead to anything from a quick part replacement to the discovery of potentially widespread issues. 

Here are some reasons why your system wiring may be the cause of the problem.


One issue that may lead to failure is that the thermocouple probe was pushed too far. That could mean a couple of things.

Your probe may fail because it’s being applied in the incorrect environment. If a probe is only designed to operate in areas within a certain temperature range, usage in temperatures outside that range could cause an issue. There’s also the case that your probe may not be properly protected for certain environmental factors and that a different choice of insulation materials could help save your thermocouples.

Read more about troubleshooting probe failure.

Wire & Junction 

It doesn’t always take much to cause problems. Using the incorrect type of wire or the wrong junction can lead to failure. Wire and junction failure is often the result of small, overlooked issues, so it’s important to ask the right things to properly identify the problem. 

Read more about what questions to ask to diagnose your wire and junction problem.

Replacing Failed Thermocouples 

Contact us today if you need to talk to an expert about which thermocouples would be best for your applications and offer any advice that can help you avoid the issues that caused problems in the first place.

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