Causes of Thermocouple Failure, Part 2

Thermocouple failure is a big deal. Not only will you need to replace bad thermocouples, a malfunctioning part can lead to improper measurements and other issues.

In our last blog post, we detailed how metal fatigue and oxidation can cause issues for your thermocouples. This week, we detail how contamination and poor installation are potential dangers for your business.


Foreign substances present a risk to thermocouples. Contaminants can damage thermocouples, causing reactions at high temperatures and that can damage a part. Various impurities can accelerate the impact of other issues, such as metal fatigue and oxidation, leading to an early demise for your thermocouples.

Poor Installation

While factors like contamination are a threat to thermocouples, the human element is still a big factor. Thermocouples require precise placement to ensure that they are aren’t placed under too much stress. This undue pressure can damage the thermocouple and lead to failure.

A poor install can also bring thermocouples in contact with harmful chemicals that can lead to contamination or metal fatigue. Careful handling can help you avoid these issues, as a poor install can make your thermocouples weaker and less effective. Improper storage is another threat, as unclean conditions can impact thermocouples that are being saved for a later installation.

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