Testing Resources for Thermocouples

Thermocouples have a specific set of accuracy and performance expectations, but how do you know if the thermocouple is up to those standards? Testing and ongoing evaluation are essential. We share guidelines and resources that help keep the industry on top of testing and measurement in this field.

ASTM Temperature Measurement Standards

“ASTM's temperature measurement standards provide the material and property specifications, as well as guides for the testing, calibration, and use of laboratory, industrial, and clinical instruments used in the determination of thermal variables, particularly temperature.“

Here you can find the designations for: 

  • Thermocouples – Calibration
  • Thermocouples – Materials and Accessories Specifications
  • Thermocouples – Specifications
  • Thermocouples – Testing

GeoCorp’s Accredited Quality Control Laboratory

Our quality control laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by NVLAP (lab code 200496-0) a United States government entity administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

ASTM E29 Calculator

If you’re not sure if you’re in accordance to the AMS 2750 Rev E., you can use our calculator tool to help you ensure accurate rounding results. AMS 2750 Rev E. adopted the ASTM E29 procedure for rounding. Get access to our ASTM E29 Calculator.

Ongoing Education from Measurement Professionals 

GeoCorp offers a comprehensive training program, and many employees complete the Introduction to Pyrometry course offered by PRI. The Performance Review Institute (PRI) offers courses for the aerospace industry quality field in a variety of formats from public sessions, to webinars, to customized trainings at your facility. 

Many professional organizations support ongoing education for measurement and testing. One opportunity is with NCSL International. In August 2018, they have a technical program focusing on testing and measurement with a session on thermodynamic measurements. One of the sessions is specific to Thermocouple Testing Methods, Data Analysis, and Reporting Calibration results with Emphasis on Noble Metal Types. 

Testing and accurate measurement of thermocouples is essential across industries. Thermocouple failure can lead to down time which is a big cost for companies.  

Contact us today if you need to talk to an expert about your thermocouple needs. We work in a variety of industries: from aerospace to medical, to the brewery and food industry and more.

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