The Benefits of GeoCorp’s Vertical Integration

We like to do whatever is necessary to take care of our customers. GeoCorp is vertically integrated so that we can help you save time and money by managing everything in house.


Controlling Inventory and Saving Time

At GeoCorp, we do more than just supply thermocouples; we manufacture them, as well. This gives us a lot of freedom when it comes to our inventory, which benefits you as the customer. 

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver faster than anyone in our industry. Our inventory forecasters make sure that we have the materials needed to build the thermocouples that best serve your applications. That means that you won’t have to lose money by waiting for your thermocouples, since we can get you what you need to get to work as fast as possible.

Learn more about how we save you money.


Thermocouple Expertise

Since GeoCorp acts as both a manufacturer and a supplier, we’ve come to be experts at the whole thermocouple process. In fact, that combination allows our sales staff to have experience in the production facility, giving them the expertise to answer your questions directly instead of having to make you wait as you’re forwarded to an engineer. Not only is this convenient, it saves you precious time along the way.

See how the benefits of our quick turnaround lets you get to work faster.

Try the Benefits of Vertical Integration for Yourself

Want to learn more about how GeoCorp’s vertical integration can make your search for thermocouples much more convenient? Contact us today to talk to one of our experts.

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