The Cost of a Bad Thermocouple

Bad thermocouples can really cost your business. Thermocouples need to correctly measure temperature, and sensors that don’t work properly – or even at all – is a problem.

The cost of a bad thermocouple is greater than just the price tag on a replacement part, however. Replacing a thermocouple takes time, and any loss of time hurts your work flow.

Replacing a Thermocouple

If a thermocouple doesn’t work, you’ll notice a problem pretty quickly. Then you’ll have to try and get a replacement part as quickly as possible.

Having to spend money on replacement parts is frustrating enough, but potential downtime can be a major issue for your bottom line.

Dealing with Incorrect Readings

Thermocouples that don’t work are a problem, but thermocouples that provide misleading information can be even worse. Incorrect readings may not be caught right away, which means that you could work through bad sensors and cause even more downtime to fix the issue. If you notice any strange readings from your thermocouples, it may be time to replace them.

Limiting Downtime with Fast Delivery from GeoCorp

Whether a thermocouple isn’t working correctly or not working at all, there’s going to be downtime while you try and replace them. Even if you have warehouse space to store spare thermocouples, any downtime can cost you and your business. It’s even worse if you don’t have any of the thermocouples you need on hand.

That’s where GeoCorp can help. Not only do we provide high-quality thermocouples catered for your needs, we take pride in fast we can deliver solutions to our customers. Don’t settle for bad thermocouples; give us a call at 419-433-1101 or contact us online today to talk to one of our experienced sales technicians or try out our thermocouple builder to design what you need online.

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