Troubleshooting Thermocouple Failure: Probes

When a part fails, it can pay to find out why. Troubleshooting the reasons why a thermocouple fails can give you important information on why your parts are failing. In this post, we’ll consider troubleshooting issues with thermocouple probes.

Potential Reasons for Thermocouple Probe Failure

One issue that may lead to failure is pushing the thermocouple probe too far. That could mean a couple of things.

Your probe may fail because it’s being applied in the incorrect environment. If a probe is only designed to operate in areas within a certain temperature range, temperatures higher than suggested could be the issue. There’s also the case that your probe may not be properly protected for certain environmental factors and that a different choice of insulation materials could help save your thermocouples.

Another issue may be the construction of the thermocouple itself. There’s a chance that the design of the thermocouple may not be best suited for your application. Thermocouples that are grounded, ungrounded, or have exposed tips are not all the same, so a wrong design choice could lead to future issues. 

Finally, there’s always a chance that the thermocouple was improperly installed. An incorrect installation or improper handling can lead to incorrect results and even damage the thermocouple itself.

Thermocouple Probe Inspection

Regardless of the reason for failure, you’ll never know the issue if you don’t inspect the parts. If your readings seem to be off, make sure that your thermocouples are set up correctly, have the proper design, or don’t show any signs of damage. Thermocouple probes can be tough, but that doesn’t mean that they’re impervious to issues. Things you might notice include:

  • Cracks
  • Pin holes
  • Discolored areas

If you’re in need of quality replacement thermocouples or have questions about what designs or insulations are best for your applications, make sure you talk to a thermocouple professional. Contact us today to get the answers you need from one of our experts so that your applications are set up with quality, working thermocouples.

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