Troubleshooting Thermocouple Failure: Wire and Junction

Broken parts can ruin a perfectly fine day. Even worse, they can hurt your business’ bottom line by providing you inaccurate information. 

Thermocouple failure can lead even the best professionals astray, so it’s critical to troubleshoot broken parts to identify what went wrong, what you need to do, and how you can avoid these problems in the future. We’ve already pointed out some troubleshooting tips for thermocouple probe failure, so now we’re highlighting what to look for when there are issues with the wire and junction of a thermocouple.

Troubleshooting a Thermocouple Wire and Junction

It doesn’t always take much to cause problems. Various issues can lead to failure, so it’s important to ask the right things to properly identify the problem. Industrial Heating Magazine points out a few questions you should ask when troubleshooting the wire and junctions for your thermocouples.

  • Are you using the right type of wire for your application?
  • Are you using the correct junction for your application?
  • Did a short occur between the wires somewhere other than at the junction?
  • Is the junction and wire properly installed?
  • Is the wire broken?
  • Are there issues with the probe that could affect the wire and junction?

Finding the answers to these questions can help you diagnose exactly why your thermocouples went bad and help you avoid future issues.

Replacing Failed Thermocouples

Once you’re done troubleshooting, it’s about time to find replacement thermocouples for your applications. Contact us today if you need to talk to an expert about which thermocouples would be best for your applications and offer any advice that can help you avoid the issues that caused problems in the first place.

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