What is a Wire Braider and How Does It Help Me?

Over the years, GeoCorp has made investments in technology and equipment that allow us to manufacture quality thermocouples and other related products for our customers. There are many steps involved in manufacturing a wide variety of thermocouples, which can require different machines that provide a variety of benefits. One of the tools that can have a big impact on the quality of your thermocouple is a wire braider.

What is a Wire Braider?

A wire braiding machine does exactly what the name implies: braid wires. These machines are used to take pliable, “soft” metals and weave them together. Materials commonly include copper wire and steel braid wire, but many different materials can be used to achieve different effects, such as added insulation, flexibility, and other benefits.

Braided wire is used in several different applications. These can range from coaxial cables used to hook up televisions to sleeves for harnesses in aerospace products. Wire braiding can also be used for thermocouple supplies.

How Does a Wire Braider Improve My Thermocouples?

When it comes to thermocouples, wire braiding can be used to create quality insulations for thermocouple wire. In fact, GeoCorp has used wire braiders to overbraid fiberglass, vitreous silica, and ceramic fiber insulations for thermocouple products since first investing in a braiding machine back in 1999. These braids can help protect them from a variety of factors including extreme temperatures, corrosion, and abrasion.

Invest in Wire Braided Thermocouples

While GeoCorp got its first wire braider back in 1999, the company now has close to 100 braiders in production. This investment is just one of many that GeoCorp has made in order to manufacture thermocouple supplies in house in order to provide customers with quality products without having to spend extra on working with a middle man.

If you need thermocouples with special braided insulations, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our thermocouple solutions and to order your own parts today.

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