What You Need for Hardness Testing

Testing is important. Testing a material’s hardness rating can save a company plenty of time and money down the road, so having proper hardness testing equipment is essential. Here’s what you’ll need to test your materials.

Hardness test blocks, hardness penetrators, and other hardness test equipment.

Hardness Test Blocks

You need the right blocks to verify a material’s hardness. Test blocks give you the ability to compare hardness values against the materials that you’re testing. There are a variety of hardness testing blocks to choose from for macro and micro hardness testing, including:

  • Rockwell Test Blocks
  • Brinell Test Blocks
  • Knoop Test Blocks
  • Vickers Test Blocks 

Hardness Penetrators and Indenters

Once you have the right hardness test blocks, you need the right tools to test them with. Penetrators and indenters are used to create an indentation in a material. The resulting indentation can tell you about the hardness of the material. Available hardness penetrators and indenters include:

  • N.I.S.T. Traceable C-Scale Diamond
  • A-Scale Diamond
  • N-Scale Diamond
  • Versitron & Indentron Styles 

Hardness Test Accessories

A few extra accessories can be quite helpful. Customized anvils can help you support different types of samples for hardness testing. Also, extensions for your indenters can be used to test samples with deep internal surfaces.

Hardness Testing Tools from GeoCorp

Testing for Hardness shouldn’t test your patience. High-quality hardness testing equipment from GeoCorp can benefit your business.  Contact us today to talk to our experts about hardness testing equipment for your company.

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