Why Extreme Heat Environments Call for High Temperature Thermocouple Wire

You wouldn’t want a veterinarian performing your heart surgery. Using people or products that aren’t meant for a certain job can be risky, causing future problems that can cost you and your business. That idea applies to high temperature thermocouples.

If your temperature sensors can’t stand the heat, you’ve got a problem. While some thermocouples are designed to measure a wide range of environments, not all designs are meant to handle excessive temperatures. For that, you’ll want a solution meant for use in extreme environments.

Issues Caused by High Temperature

Using the wrong type of thermocouple for extreme heat environments can lead to several issues. Exposure to high temperatures can lead to contamination. Operating a thermocouple not designed for a certain range may end up shortening its lifespan. The wrong type of thermocouple wire can even have a melting point that’s too low for an environment, turning your sensor into an inoperable mess.

No matter what the issue is, improper thermocouples can be costly. Not only will you have to spend money on replacement parts, thermocouple failure can lead to faulty readings, leading to additional problems for your business. 

Best Thermocouple Types for High Temperatures

High temperature thermocouple wire is designed to not only survive the heat, but thrive in it. There are a plenty of thermocouple types available, but these are great options for high temperatures environments.

  • Type K
  • Type N
  • Type R
  • Type S
  • Type C

These thermocouples are built to beat the heat. They can also come with special thermocouple protection tubes and insulators that can help your sensors perform in extreme temperatures.

If you’re not sure exactly which high temperature thermocouple solutions are best for your applications, we can help. Our experts can work with you to get the thermocouple supplies you need, so contact us today to learn more.

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