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Thermocouple Wire Calibration

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At GeoCorp we pride ourselves on offering our customers a premium product. From our thermocouples to the wires and components that make them, our customers receive a solution designed to fit the needs of their industry. The standards we hold to our thermocouples are applied equally to our thermocouple wires.

We produce our thermocouple wires in-house to ensure that each product is calibrated accurately and reliably. Our wires are designed to resist the extreme temperatures encountered in the everyday use of thermocouples. Accurate calibration helps ensure their success in a variety of temperatures for a variety of industries.

Because our thermocouple wires are made in-house, there’s no need to wait weeks for our products to ship. Our vertically integrated model is designed to provide the highest levels of quality, service, and affordability for each of our customers. Since we purchased our first wire braider in 1999, our thermocouple wires have set us apart from our competitors. Today GeoCorp owns more than 95 wire braiders, allowing us to offer a wide variety of calibrations for your thermocouple wires without a long wait. When you need a specific wire calibration and you need it quickly, GeoCorp can help.

Premium Thermocouple Wire Solutions

Quality wires are the first line of defense for the precision of your thermocouples. Let us help you reduce the chances of an imprecise measurement. By manufacturing our thermocouple wire in house, GeoCorp is prepared to work with you from step one. We provide premium thermocouple supplies for multiple industries and we can guide you through the entire process. From design to delivery, our thermocouples are created to your specifications.

Accurate thermocouple temperature readings depend on accurate wire calibration. When you need precise temperature readings and you need them quickly GeoCorp is here to help you. Contact us today to get started.

Image of calibrated thermocouple wire from GeoCorp.