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Thermocouple Wire Gauge

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Wire gauge is one of the most important qualities of thermocouple wires. Gauge determines not only the size of your thermocouple wire but also many of its most important electrical characteristics. Each of our wire gauges has qualities suited for specific solutions across many industries needing thermocouples. To help you meet your business needs GeoCorp offers an online thermocouple builder. The thermocouple builder replicates the levels of customization we can offer your thermocouple solutions, including wire gauge.

After you complete the online thermocouple builder we will send you a quote including our estimated turnaround for your product. Because we manufacture all of our thermocouple products in house, we can consistently offer you value. No matter the gauge of your thermocouple wire we will have access to top-quality materials to fast track your company’s personalized product.

Because we offer such a wide variety of options to our customers, we provide you with access to our experienced temperature specialists. These experts are available during the business week to help you select the thermocouple wire gauge that’s right for your industry and applications.

Premium Thermocouple Wires

When you’ve identified and customized a thermocouple solution that’s right for you, we will be ready to manufacture it in-house. Even our thermocouple wires are manufactured here at GeoCorp. We purchased our first wire braider in 1999 and we haven’t looked back since. Our vertical integration model has been so well received by our customers that GeoCorp now has over 95 wire braiders.

Every customer has different needs suited to their industry. That’s why we offer a variety of products and wire gauges, each specifically designed for meeting the requirements of your business. This is another of the many ways that our vertically integrated business can benefit you. Because our products are manufactured in-house we have consistent access to a wide variety of top-quality materials.

Our inventory management system helps ensure that our customers have the products they need when they need them. Contact us today to begin your order.

GeoCorp manufactures thermocouples with varying gauges.