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GeoCorp has built a reputation for taking care of its customers.

Our team of thermocouple experts plays a major part in making that reputation a reality.

The team at GeoCorp shares a common goal: to serve our customers.

We look for co-workers with an excellent work ethic and a positive attitude who will do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. The key to our success is good people, which is why we’ve placed a priority on assembling a group of individuals who can both provide excellent customer service and boast a level of thermocouple expertise.

View the team bios below to learn more about some of our personnel and the roles they play in ensuring that each one of our customers receives the level of service they deserve and why they enjoy working at GeoCorp.

Assembly Lead, 10 years of service

As the Assembly Lead, it is Mike’s responsibility to coordinate between welders and assemblers, allocate extra help where needed, and maintain an overall degree of flexibility in his department. Mike’s technical skillset and background, including a CNC Programming Diploma from Total Technical Institute and specialized training in 3D printing and laser technology, lend themselves very well to the GeoCorp team.    

Outside of work, Mike relishes spending time with his three grown sons and their families. Together they enjoy vacationing in Hocking Hills, fishing, and canoeing. Mike is also a talented woodworker, making anything his wife wants him to make.

Mike’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: “They listen to me around here; if I have an idea or an opinion, they act on it. Upper management counts my suggestions, and that’s important. Everybody in management is really easy to get along with, and to work with. I have a pretty good time with the people here.”

Lab Technician, 24 years of service

A dedicated GeoCorp employee, Brian began his career in the shipping department; these days, you can find him in the lab, where he makes sure that the thermocouples and thermocouple wire are calibrated with pinpoint accuracy.

Brian is an avid bowler, with seven perfect scores to his name. He likes to hang out with his family, especially going to the movies with his son. He also likes eating wings and watching sports, rooting for Pittsburgh.

Brian’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc: “I love that our main goal is serving our customers and giving them the highest quality product. I also enjoy the rapport I have with my coworkers, and the way George makes sure his employees are taken care of. Even as long as I’ve been here, I’m still learning new things all the time, and I like constantly improving.”

Specialty Sensor Leader, 16 years of service

With more than three decades of manufacturing experience, Cheryl is GeoCorp’s resident expert when it comes to building high-quality sensors and working with premium materials such as platinum. Cheryl oversees production in her department from the first step to the last. She also lends her technical proficiency to product redesign, always striving to improve and produce a superior version.

Cheryl is fascinated by all things mechanical, but particularly engines, and especially the piston engines on WWII airplanes; therefore, you can find her and her husband at a lot of air shows in their spare time. They also both enjoy attending antique shows.

Cheryl’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: “My job makes me think, and I love being constantly challenged by my work. The environment is extremely clean, and GeoCorp hires really good people.”

Plant Manager, 21 years of service

Heath holds a degree in Electro-Mechanical Robotics from Terra Technical College, and earned five years of robotic programming and maintenance at a production plant before beginning his career with GeoCorp. As Plant Manager, Heath does a little of everything, from monitoring the inflow and output of product and materials, to maintaining the machinery and facility, to helping oversee many aspects of safety – and of course, providing unparalleled customer service.

When Heath isn’t working, he builds cars from the ground up, and has a passion for drag racing – only taking a break during the fall, when it’s hunting season. He also loves spending time with his family.

Heath’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: The best thing is the continuous reinvestment into the company – new, modern equipment, constant improvement, forward growth. We’re never stagnant, there’s always something new and exciting to learn and look forward to. We aren’t afraid to embrace new innovations.

Customer Service Specialist, 10 years of service

Kyle holds a degree in Science & Technology from Bowling Green State University and has a strong background in the manufacturing industry, which makes him a knowledgeable source for all customer inquiries. In addition, he assists with purchasing for production, keeping track of stock levels, entering orders and new part numbers, and – most importantly – going above and beyond where customer service is concerned.

Kyle, a self-professed “rabid” Michigan Wolverine football fan, loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, and being outdoors whenever possible.

Kyle’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: “My favorite thing is the amount of reinvestment that George puts back into the company, and the amount of passion that everyone has for serving our customers. It’s not just rhetoric; we all work toward it in one capacity or another.”

Temperature Sensor Specialist, 14 years of service

Like many GeoCorp employees, Matt wears many hats; his longtime employment has made him familiar with the ins and outs of each department. In the mornings, he lends a hand in production, and the rest of his workday is devoted to serving existing customers and earning new ones. Helping companies with quotes, answering questions, and making sales calls are some of Matt’s daily duties.

A graduate of The Ohio State University, Matt is a diehard OSU Buckeyes football fan. He is also an avid gym-goer and loves yard work, balancing it all out with a healthy dose of relaxation with friends and family.

Matt’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: “It’s definitely the camaraderie. We’re all here because we want to be here, because we’re all invested in making the company grow. If the company grows, we grow.”

Temperature Sensor Specialist, 3 years of service

Marc is always busy reaching out to potential customers and making sure existing customers’ needs are covered. Finding new businesses to serve, qualifying leads, and providing quotes are just a few of the ways he lends support to the company. Twenty-eight years of prior experience in the commercial heat treating industry gives Marc a comprehensive understanding of what GeoCorp’s customers require.

When he isn’t on the phone, Marc enjoys spending time on the lake (especially when it involves boating to the islands), and helping his wife run their ice cream stand.

Marc’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: “There’s a level of camaraderie that I’ve never seen until I came here. We’ve got a really great group of people.”

Vice-President and General Manager, 16 years of service

A degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio Northern University and specialized Introduction to Pyrometry training, combined with 15 years of experience at GeoCorp, gives John an incomparable grasp of all facets of day-to-day operations; he is involved in every department. Whether selling GeoCorp’s exceptional products to both new and existing customers, managing projects, providing an unrivaled level of customer service, John has a dedicated hand in multiple aspects of the company.

With a passion for all things automotive, Mustang-enthusiast John enjoys watching NASCAR and working on hit-and-miss engines. He also plays a lot of dolls in his free time, but that’s because of his other great love: his two daughters.

John’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: “We absolutely put our customers first. George has reinvested into the company every year, and we’re a competitive, quality- and technically-centered company. We do things right, working hard together as a team, always striving for perfection. Our quality system is part of who we are, every day.”

Director of Human Resources, Senior Process Engineer, 5 years of service

A U.S. Air Force veteran with a varied and extensive educational background, including Introduction to Pyrometry, Introduction to Metallurgy, and Rockwell Automation Level 3 PLC trainings, plus eight years of heat treat experience with a focus on furnace quality and managing specification compliance, Curtis is involved in multiple aspects of GeoCorp operations. Overseeing the calibration lab and associated equipment, being a part of the sales team, providing audit support, managing projects, and meeting customers’ needs – both big and small – are among Curtis’s regular contributions to the company.

When it’s time to relax, Curtis turns to the great outdoors, where he enjoys hunting, fishing, and shooting sports, especially activities he can share with his four young sons.

Curtis’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: “I’m proud to be part of such an innovative, fast-growing company, where I can see the impact of my individual contributions every day. I love solving technical problems for customers, and developing new ways to further increase the quality and integrity of our products. It’s great to work for a company that invests so much in itself and its employees.”

GeoCorp Greeter (Golden Retriever), 8 years of service

Zsa Zsa fully immerses herself into GeoCorp culture, serving as a greeter and ambassador for employees and guests alike. Her daily to-do list includes lounging in the conference room, issuing tail wags, and removing the stuffing from her (un)stuffed buddies. Contrary to her title, however, she does not enjoy actual retrieving.

Zsa Zsa’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: The whole facility is all her friends in one place, and nothing makes her happier than making them smile.

GeoCorp Herder/Security Monitor (Shetland Sheepdog), 4 years of service

Eva takes her day-to-day duties at GeoCorp very seriously. She recognizes the importance of barking at strangers, and noticing when anything is out of place – someone wearing different shoes, for example. Her favorite word is “mine,” because that’s what everything is, and her hobbies include fetching a ball until whoever’s throwing it is exhausted.  

Eva’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: Providing input and feedback and making sure her voice is always heard.

Vice President of Sales, 23 years of service

Knowledge of products and processes is crucial when assisting customers, so James’s familiarity with all departments allows him to meet even the most specific client needs. Bolstering his industry experience is ongoing training, such as Introduction to Pyrometry, and involvement in Nadcap and in AMEC (Aerospace Metals Engineering Committee, where he is currently on an elite team helping to revise the AMS 2750 document). James maintains existing sales accounts as well as seeks out prospective accounts, providing support to customers both new and long-term. He works to train other sales staff in products, field application, and quality specifications. And when GeoCorp participates in an industry trade show, James is the go-to for scheduling, organization, and setup.

His kids’ biggest fan, James is heavily involved in their extracurricular activities, such as sports camps and traveling basketball teams. He also raises prime show-quality beef cattle, loves fishing whenever he has time, and is an OSU Buckeyes fan.

James’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: “The company has always reinvested in itself, in equipment, processes, and people. There are always new developments, and it gives me an opportunity to think on my feet. The growth has been astonishing – to see how much this company has grown, and continues to grow, in the last twenty years. We’ve brought in so many good people and put together a really good group, focused on becoming the best, always willing to work together to get customers out of a jam.”

Accounting/Quality Manager, 20 years of service

Keeping meticulously accurate records for a fast-growing, quality-focused company is no small task, but Noreen has it all together – from overseeing the quality department, to ensuring paperwork is correct, to preparing for audits. An attendee of The Ohio State University with a degree in Accounting from Ohio Business College, she is also responsible for invoicing and all things accounting-related.

Being an animal lover, supporting the local Humane Society and Audubon Society is important to Noreen.  Some of her favorite pastimes include anything Ohio State (Go Bucks!), enjoying Lake Erie and its islands, Cedar Point (where she held her first job) and area MetroParks.

Noreen’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: “I appreciate the fact that we’re able to cross train and do a variety of things. I have been afforded the opportunity to grow professionally. You’re not held back; whatever you want to learn, you can learn. Everybody works together, and we have fun doing it.”

Customer Service, 14 years of service

With thirty years of customer service experience under her belt, Tara is able to handle customer inquiries and requests with ease. Entering and following up on orders, and keeping customers accurately apprised of shipping dates and tracking information, is an essential component of GeoCorp’s impeccable service to its clientele. In addition, Tara assists in many other day-to-day operations, whether it’s purchasing, accounting, sales, or working in the shop.

When she isn’t working, “artsy-crafty” Tara finds inspiration in creating unique, handmade art pieces. She loves reading and watching movies – the fantasy genre is her favorite – and of course, hanging out with her kids.

Tara’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: I love my job, my coworkers, and especially our customers – I have a relationship with all of them. We genuinely care what they need and want.”

Production Manager, 13 years of service

As Production Manager, Mike’s primary function is to ensure that customer orders are manufactured, quality-checked, and ready to ship on schedule. This means handling employee scheduling, seeing that everyone has what they need to do their jobs successfully, prioritizing orders, and allocating work. Mike keeps the communication flowing between departments, meeting regularly with department heads to answer any questions.

There are many Ford Mustang enthusiasts at GeoCorp, and Mike counts himself firmly among them and enjoys attending car shows with his wife.  He also enjoys extended weekend trips with his wife and kids.

Mike’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: Ever since I’ve been here we’ve been growing, from two buildings to seven; there’s so much reinvestment in the company, and always room for professional advancement. We are fairly compensated for our hard work – it pays off. And the atmosphere here is like a family, where everybody knows everyone.”

Founder/President, 47 years of service

George built GeoCorp from the ground up, incurring deep credit card debt to do so after being denied a business loan, and has nurtured it from its humble beginnings into the fast-growing industry leader it is today.  But George is never one to rest on his laurels, and still employs the same level of dedication, drive, and hard work that he has from day one. He leads GeoCorp by example, building a similarly dynamic team of career oriented professionals who embrace innovation, seek perfection, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. In turn, they are rewarded with a clean, safe work environment, excellent healthcare and profit-sharing, and the limitless future that comes from a company with such potential growth.

George says that his main hobby is being “brutally dedicated to this business, day and night.” Still, when he’s away from work, he finds enjoyment in boating and classic cars, and is an avid wine collector.

George’s favorite thing about GeoCorp, Inc.: “I’ve had very few loves in my life; this business is absolutely one of them.  I’ve spent my entire life building a company in which I wish I could have found a job when I was unemployed.  It’s what I’ve spent my entire life working toward. We have everything in place to make us successful.  We’re always striving for perfection.”

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