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Plugs & Jacks

photo of geocorp connectors

Thermocouple plugs and jacks are designed to connect thermocouple wire extensions. These standard or high temperature connectors comprise or two part: a male plug and a female jack. The pins on the plug make for an easy connection and disconnection between your thermocouple wires.

GeoCorp manufactures several types of thermocouple plugs and jacks, including:

  • Type K
  • Type J
  • Type N
  • Type R/S
  • Type B
  • Type T
  • Type E
  • Type C

Each type comes in standard or mini sizes and is ANSI color coded for quick identification. We also produce a "Speed" line of plugs and jacks that may be more suited for your specific applications.


From Type K thermocouples to Type C, we can provide you with the plugs and jack you need to for reliable temperature readings.  We keep a stocked inventory of our thermocouple connectors, so you can get a quick turnaround when you need accessories right away.

If you’re not sure exactly which type is best for you, our experts can help you determine the best products for your applications. Contact GeoCorp today for a quote on thermocouple plugs and jacks for your business.

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