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Strip Panels

Thermocouple strip panels can house multiple jacks in the same location. GeoCorp’s manufactures strip panels with single or multiple rows of jacks, allowing you to connect several thermocouple jacks into the same panel.

Like your thermocouples, strip panels need to operate effectively in extreme environments. That’s why our strip panel options include both standard and high temperature options. The strip panels can also come with or without a mounting frame to hold all of the jacks together. Our strip panels work with any of our different thermocouple jack and plug calibration types so that you can always get the connections you need.


When you need to connect your thermocouples, you can turn to GeoCorp. We’ve been manufacturing thermocouple products since 1989 and continue to create high-quality thermocouple supplies for businesses in need of reliable temperature readings.

If you need strip panels for your applications, make sure to talk to one of our specialist to find a solution to your thermocouple needs. Contact GeoCorp today for a quote on thermocouple strip panels.

working on strip panels
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