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Terminal Blocks

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Thermocouple terminal blocks are designed to provide business with accurate readings. The terminal blocks allow more than one thermocouple to connect, allowing you to check your accurately temperature readings in a single, tied-in location. These terminal blocks do that by preventing false thermoelectric voltages that could negatively affect your readings.

GeoCorp manufactures thermocouple terminal blocks with multiple housings. Our blocks can be made with two, three, four, or six separate terminals to allow you to match you to add multiple thermocouples. We also offer other specialty blocks to fit the needs of your specific applications.


Bad information can cause huge problems for your business. That’s why quality thermocouple connectors and accessories are a must. Our thermocouple terminal blocks give you accurate temperature readings from your applications, allowing you to make decisions based on good information.

As a leader in the thermocouple industry, GeoCorp provides top-of-the-line thermocouple supplies, including terminal blocks that are made and tested in our state of the art facility. Contact GeoCorp today to get a quote on thermocouple terminal blocks for your business.

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