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Industrial Thermocouples

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Our industrial thermocouples consist of ceramic insulated base or noble metal elements. Engineers appreciate that every thermocouple element meets the special limits of error tolerances of ASTM E230 Table 1.

Benefits of Industrial Thermocouples

  • All materials are kept in stock for quick turnaround time
  • Variety of insulators provide options for diameter, length, and number of bores
  • ANSI color coded designations for quick identification of thermocouple calibration
image of GeoCorp industrial thermocouple. All materials kept in stock for quick turnaround time, contact us today.
All materials kept in stock for quick turnaround time.
Contact us today.

Product Details

ANSI Calibration Types & Element Options

  • Type K
  • Type N
  • Type J
  • Type R/S

Element Options

  • Single
  • Duplex

B&S gauge

8ga, 11ga, 14ga, 16ga, 18ga, 20ga, 24ga, 26ga, 30ga



  • Round or Oval Shaped
  • Diameters from 3/16″ to 9/16″
  • Lengths are 1″ or 3″ long
  • Double bore or Four bore


  • Diameters from 1/32″ to 1/2″
  • Lengths from 1″ to 72″
  • Single, Double, Four and Six bores available


  • Round shape
  • Diameters from 1/16″ to 1/8″
  • Single, Double and Four bores available

Hot Junction Styles

  • Butt weld
  • Twisted and welded
  • Recessed

Termination Styles

  • Bare leads, standard length is 1-1/2″ (or specify desired length)
  • Ceramic ball & socket insulators with copper lugs
  • Copper lugs only
  • Color coded fiberglass sleeve
  • Spade or ring terminals
  • Other termination options [connectors]