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Waste Management Thermocouples

GeoCorp supplies top quality thermocouples and thermocouple accessories designed to accurately report temperatures for waste management solutions. Our thermocouple products set the standard for quality in temperature monitoring. Decades of experience set our products apart from other utilities thermocouple providers.

Thermocouples play many important roles in the waste management industry. Waste management and incineration systems use thermocouples in combustion gas stream on incinerators. Temperatures inside these systems must be closely monitored and controlled to prevent damage to the environment from unwanted chemicals. Thermocouples are also valuable tools for monitoring and controlling landfill temperatures and can help detect landfill fires before they ignite.

Waste Management Thermocouples

Reliable Temperature Measurement for WASTE MANAGEMENT

The wide variety of thermocouple applications in the waste management industry is matched by the wide selection of materials and wire types we use to craft our thermocouples. These premium components offer reliable readings of high temperature scenarios common in waste management and help our thermocouples outlast the competition.

Contact us today to speak to one of our thermocouple specialists about how GeoCorp can provide you with the quality products and service to advance your waste management business.

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