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Utility Sector Thermocouples

Thermocouples play many important roles in the utilities industry. At GeoCorp we manufacture thermocouples and thermocouple accessories that are designed specifically for the temperature measurement needs of natural gas, electricity, water, and power companies.

Measuring and controlling the high temperatures common in the utilities industry is a big task. That’s why GeoCorp prides itself on providing thermocouples with calibration and metal options tailored to your specifications.

Utilities Thermocouples


The components of our industrial thermocouplesdeliver reliable readings under the pressure of extreme environments. GeoCorp’s calibration technicians offer over 50 years of combined experience and service thermocouples made from the best materials for your utilities needs.

Because we manufacture all of our thermocouples in house, we are able to offer a product that can last longer under extreme temperatures. Even our thermocouple wire is manufactured here at GeoCorp on one of our 95 wire braiders. Our approach to thermocouples provides our customers with a product they and their applications can count on.

Since 1989, GeoCorp has offered premium thermocouples to customers who believe in accuracy, reliability, and durability. Contact us todayto receive a quote for a utility thermocouple solution for your applications.

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